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I’ve spent time at every run of the performing artists’ financial stability ladder. I've been there from a gigging musician hustling to line up the next paying job, living on change found in the couch, teaching privately, to steady paychecks traveling the world with retirement and health benefits. The one thing that never changed was the effort required to perform at my highest level. The endless hours focusing on the fundamentals and basics, fighting through injuries, and the performances that often made it all worth it. Focusing on my financial health and priorities, however, was rarely something I had time to rehearse.

At Fleur-de-lis Financial, we help primier performing artists focus on the stage by orchestrating & conducting their financial masterpieces. Through our financial planning process, we identify strengths & weaknesses and priorities & goals. We analyze options and, together with you, choreograph a routine for financial wellness and a strategy to support and allow you to live your best life. We give you the freedom to invest your time and energy in your passion, ultimately allowing us, the patron, to enjoy some of the world's finest performances.

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