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Why I  Chose Financial Planning

Nathan Gale

Throughout my life, I have witnessed numerous individuals in well-paying positions struggle with financial challenges. During my time as a military musician, I encountered individuals who faced financial instability and were burdened by fear. I witnessed the repercussions of poor decision-making and the unfortunate consequences of indecisiveness, which hindered their earning potential and retirement goals. These individuals displayed immense bravery in their service, yet they struggled with basic financial planning, such as saving for retirement or investing in a home. Regardless of whether these decisions were due to knowledge or behavior, they often could have been avoided.

I have also experienced the various financial challenges encountered in the performing arts industry, from being a gigging musician hustling to secure the next paying job and living off spare change found on the couch, to enjoying a stable income while traveling the world with retirement and health benefits. Throughout this journey, one constant remained: the unwavering effort required to perform at my highest level. Hours invested in fundamentals, trying to stay in shape while injured, and dealing with nerves; however, I rarely prioritized my financial health. Or perhaps I was simply unaware that I could be financially secure.

By the time I was a young adult, I had become acutely aware of the significant impact that money can have on one's well-being; and I developed what some might consider a "healthy" relationship with money. However, in hindsight, I realize that my fear of financial failure led to more negative behaviors than positive ones. I became a workaholic, sacrificing relationships and limiting my exposure to educational opportunities and experiences that could have enhanced my earning potential, not to mention my mental health and happiness.

Fortunately, with the guidance of a mentor, I embarked on a journey of financial literacy. I channeled the energy I had wasted on stress into something productive. I began reading extensively about finances, adjusted my thinking, and decided to start a real estate investment business. Over the past two decades, leveraging the knowledge I had gained and my limited salary as a lower-level enlisted service member, I have built a modest real estate portfolio to provide my family with the financial freedom I had always sought. What began as a dream - the ability to focus on music without being the ‘starving musician’ - born out of anxiety evolved into the ability to overcome the mental barriers I had created. While stress still exists, it is manageable and no longer driven by fear. In part, I owe this security to the guidance and support of my mentor.

In recognizing my mentor's impact on my life, I have developed a strong desire to help others. So, in 2017, I decided to expand and formalize my knowledge by pursuing a Master's in Personal Financial Planning at Kansas State University. Following graduation, I began working on the plans to establish Fleur-de-lis Financial with the objective of helping performing artists achieve their financial goals and lead their best lives.

At Fleur-de-lis Financial, our mission is to help premier performing artists maintain their focus on the stage by orchestrating and conducting their financial masterpieces. We identify strengths, weaknesses, priorities, and goals through our meticulous financial planning process. Together with our clients, we carefully analyze available options and develop a tailored strategy for financial wellness. By providing these artists the freedom to invest time and energy in their passion we, the patrons can enjoy some of the world's finest performances.

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